The City of Camas provides water, sewer, garbage, recycling and storm water services to its residents, commercial and industrial customers. Residential customers are billed bi-monthly, in billing cycles that run from the first of an odd-numbered month to the last day of the following even-numbered month, i.e. January 1st to February 28th. Utility bills are mailed in the beginning of the month and due on the 10th of the following month, with an 8-day grace period before penalties are assessed for delinquency.

How are we improving collection rates?

Within the past few years, the Finance Department has implemented additional technology solutions to enhance collection rates and minimize the number of service disconnections due to non-payment. In addition to the traditional mail-in payment option, residents have the options of automated payments from their bank accounts, online payments and bill-pay concentrator. In 2018, the City will be implementing additional solutions such as pay by text, email, and by phone. Residents will also have access to a more robust website for payments with electronic billing.