The Finance Department is tasked to protect the city’s resources in a high quality, cost effective, and innovative environment that maintains trust. Receiving money and sending money requires efficiency as well as safeguards in the current day inherent risks such as check fraud and cyber-crime. Currently the City receives funds in cash, checks, electronic payments (wires and ACH) and credit cards. The City sends payments to vendors and employees payroll by check, electronic payments and purchase cards. To minimize risk and increase efficiency, the Finance Department has a goal to minimize cash and check transactions both receiving and sending by 2024 to 10% of all transactions.

How are we receiving funds?

  • Implementing a new online utility bill pay system that accepts credit card payments, e-checks (ACH), and automatic payments (ACH)
  • Ensuring all grant applications includes the City's electronic payment information
  • Working with City partners to send us payments electronically.

How are we sending funds?

  • Implemented a purchasing card program for all City employees
  • Encouraging direct deposit for all employee payroll  (currently 98% enrollment)
  • Paying invoices with purchasing cards or ACH when possible
  • Converting wire transactions to ACH