There are currently 25.3 miles of existing trails within the planning area. These include three major trail routes, and several other segments owned by the City and others. Trails are an important recreation asset in Camas, and residents continue to place a high priority on a community-wide trails network. Results from public outreach activities from past plans reinforce the community’s commitment to trail-related recreation and reflect the high popularity of recreation activities that take place in trail corridors, such as walking, bicycling for pleasure, nature walks, and jogging/running.

Provide a convenient, safe, and pleasant pedestrian and bicyclist trail network that links parks, schools, and community destinations throughout the City.

Developing Trails

2018 marks the 50th Anniversary of the passing of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and the National Trails Act. The City has also consistently identified the creation of a city-wide interconnected trail system as a major goal.
Unfortunately, as parks have continued to be added, park maintenance staffing levels have not kept pace. City staff have identified the trail system as receiving only the barest level of maintenance under current staffing, and until staff can be added to maintain what currently exists, additional parks and trails have been put on hold.

Levels of Service

The table below outlines three basic levels of service for parks, trails, and facility maintenance and the associated costs per acre or mile. Current service levels are highlighted in yellow.