Continued investment into new technologies requires long-range planning and ongoing research and review. Projects need to be vetted carefully for prioritization in funding and to practical timing for technology innovations and public offerings. Investment in new technologies, along with re-investment or upgrades to existing systems needs to be managed to ensure City resources are used effectively, efficiently and ongoing enhancements are in alignment with service deliverables.

Key Initiatives

As part of the City's technology roadmap, enhancement of infrastructure and resources through innovation was given four initiatives: 
  • Create and maintain a long-term Applications Development and Replacement Plan.
  • Create and Fund a Hardware Replacement Strategy to Support End-Users (Internal Fund)
  • Upgrade and Maintain Aging Infrastructure
  • Keep Technology Inventories Current and Manage Replacement Strategies

Technology Roadmap

Under the “Community Needs” goal of the City’s 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, the City is in the process of creating it’s Technology Roadmap. This Technology Roadmap will identify:
1.    Technology Goals, Initiatives and Projects
2.    Future Development, Replacements and Upgrades Planning
3.    Project Milestones and Schedule 
The Technology Roadmap will be attached after it is presented to City Council and approved.