As the City grows and development continues in the North Shore, there are many benefits in planning and investing into mobilizing the City’s workforce through new innovations and technology - crowded, expensive facilities, licensing on multiple devices, access to needed resources and data in the field and redundant data entry are just a few. Investments into mobile devices and cloud-based applications, and opening remote access to network resources and data support job efficiencies. There are many identified benefits to the city and citizen services as staff migrates to a flexible, mobile environment. 
The City started a pilot Mobile Technology Project in 2016 and has since introduced and offers Office365 to laptop users with docking stations, semi-rugged laptops for field inspectors, smartphones replacing standard cell phones, and hardware for vehicles including laptop mounting units, power and printing. Departments have also identified staff who currently are mobile in their jobs, and those who are projected to be mobile by year 2022. 

2018 Device Inventory

The Technology Department supports upwards of 200 full-time employees, using approximately 900 devices. With improved Wi-Fi throughout main municipal facilities and demands for City services to support development growth north of Lacamas Lake, there have been growing requests for mobile tools. Total devices per employee have also increased and will require support. The Technology Department expects to continue to see these trends over the next five years – laptops, tablets and iPads replacing computers; smartphones replacing cell phones; Office365 replacing MSOffice; added mobile resources in City vehicles; etc. These changes are taking place either through inventory attrition/replacement planning or through new hardware acquisitions as department budgets permit.

Key Initiatives

1.        Develop and optimize mobile technologies -  Provide the tools staff need to do their work, expanding options for where and how. Examples:
  • Provide enhanced, secured business Wi-Fi and VPN access to core City services and resources
  • Develop vehicle tools and technologies for mobility for field crews and inspectors
  • Provide Office 365 and mobile applications and resources
  • Replace existing equipment with mobile hardware through replacement plans or as needed by Staff
  • Make improvements to Facilities that embrace a changing mobile workforce (shared common work areas throughout the City)
2.         Train end-users on new tools and network and system resources
3.         Work on strategies to encourage and support the City’s changing workforce and embrace changes to how the City provides services that meet our citizens expectations through technology innovation.