The City of Camas Wellness program provides opportunities for employees to increase aspects of wellness including behavior changes, motivational activities and awareness of health risks. The City provides cultural support for employees by encouraging participation of all employees in programs and activities and offering access to health assessments.

WellCity Awards

The Association of Washington Cities' Employee Benefit Trust’s annual WellCity Awards recognize members that meet nine best practice standards for employee health promotion. Members of the AWC Employee Benefit Trust are eligible to apply for the award. 
Camas is a 2017 WellCity recipient, which has earned the City a 2% premium discount on 2018 medical premiums.

Well City Standards

Policies and Procedures
The adoption, implementation and communication of supportive policies and procedures and a budget are instrumental in the development of a comprehensive, results-driven wellness program.
Management Support
The commitment of city leadership, including elected officials, department directors and supervisors, is fundamental to the success of any results-driven wellness program. Action-oriented support by leadership in the form of written and oral communications, delegation of program deliverables and participation in activities is essential to improving employee health behaviors and attitudes.
Wellness Committee
The formation of a wellness committee is important to delivering a wellness program. The committee needs to have a method of operating that is consistent and effective throughout the year. Committee members must understand the goals and objectives of the organization, listen to the needs of the employees, and assist in the implementation of the program.
Wellness Network and Resources
Establishing a network of internal program champions and external partners is essential to building a strong base of resources and advocates. These relationships help to ensure you access available resources and expand the reach of your program.
Needs Assessment
Data drives program results. Aggregate data on the employee population such as demographics, health needs and interests and health risks are essential to building a wellness program with impact.
Worksite Environment
Employee health needs to be supported from all angles. The provision of a healthy infrastructure is instrumental to building a comprehensive wellness program. Environmental and physical accommodations that support healthy living and educate employees help them to adopt healthy behaviors.
Operating Plan
An operating plan is like a road map. Without it you don’t know where you are going or where you have been. Proper program planning forces the wellness committee to think through the design process ahead of time and anticipate barriers and potential problems in the delivery of program activities.
Activities and Intervention
A carefully selected mix of activities and interventions should align with your program needs assessment. An appropriate combination of awareness, motivation, behavior change and cultural support activities help to ensure positive outcomes.
The evaluation of progress and outcomes requires you to have the end in mind and gives you a framework for success.