2017 Call Volumes by Priority

A Growing Problem

A growing concern for this growing City is the distance of the current residential and commercial developments from the City's core. 
At right, you can see the current growth North of Lacamas Lake in the Green Mountain subidivision as a tight grouping of points just off Ingle Road. This subdivision is more than 6 miles from the Camas Police Station, a trip of more than 10 minutes. 
The Department operates at the minimum police officer staffing levels the majority of the year. Pressures on staff are showing as increased response times, fewer traffic stops, and lower arrest statistics. After 2:30AM, there are only two police officers are duty which creates officer safety concerns over their ability to respond to community safety needs. Certain calls require a minimum of 2 officers to respond for safety, leaving no available officers to respond to additional calls.

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