City staff maintain the grounds, mark grave sites for interments, inspect the grounds after burials, mark out and inspect grave marker installations, provide interment of cremated remains in ground lots or niche walls, and administer lot sales in conjunction with the Finance Department.
The City provides licenses for grave digging or marker placement to an approved list of contractors. The funeral home chosen by the family will choose an approved contractor and supervise burial or marker placement. The costs for the services are paid only to the funeral home, not to the City. The City collects only a nominal fee for locating and marking the lot, and inspecting the work after completion.

Cemetery Burials

The City of Camas assumed ownership and operation of the Camas Cemetery in January 2007. Prior to 2007, the cemetery was owned and operated by the Camas Cemetery Association.
The cemetery currently holds approximately 6000 burials and cremated remains, with developed sections for over 1000 more lots. The currently-plotted has been determined to provide adequate capacity for the next 30 to 40 years.
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Read the 2009 Camas Cemetery Master Plan
The 2009 Master Plan provided the City of Camas with direction for the continued operation of the cemetery. The most pressing issue facing the cemetery is to provide a stable funding source that will allow for the needed capital improvements and ongoing perpetual maintenance requirements of the cemetery.
The primary goal of the Master Plan was to assess the current conditions, future needs, and financial health of the cemetery, and provide a road map for the operation into the future. The plan represents the findings of the assessment to meet the needs of the Camas Citizens for the next 20 years to help guide decisions on capital investment, service needs, meeting community expectations, budget requirements, and financing.