The Engineering Department is responsible for the development of all public infrastructure in the City. The department also oversees external development projects to ensure compliance with City design standards regarding aspects such as wastewater, transportation, and erosion control.
Staffing levels have remained unchanged in recent years, but with growing demand on capital and infrastructure, Engineering has had to seek additional help to complete the work. Two temporary Engineering Technicians were brought on to assist with capital project inspections, while the department contracted a consulting firm to assist with plan review and development inspections. 

Why are we measuring this?

Development is a partnership between the City and a developer to ensure a project is completed within the design standards set by the City. By notifying architects and engineers of any needed corrections in a timely manner, we can do our part to help the development community get projects completed while meeting these standards.
While every project is unique in size, scale, and complexity, our goal is always to complete a project review within 8 weeks (56 days). Yet even with additional help and outside consultants, the City is finding this goal difficult to meet. By taking a look at the average delays being experienced, we can more fully understand the impact of our staffing shortages.


As development in the City continues at an increased, rapid pace, Engineering is also struggling to complete project inspections with only two devoted inspectors. The need for additional staff to assist with inspections puts more pressure on those staff members to continue the required work for completing development reviews.

FY 2017 - 2018 Development Review Times (Days)