The City has a mandatory solid waste and recycling program for all residents, which is currently staffed by four drivers. The solid waste service is an automated service, using trucks equipped with a lift mechanism, which allows the driver to empty containers without exiting the vehicle.
With current customer growth accelerating, the City is finishing up a 2-year study devoted to improving efficiency in solid waste service as a means of ensuring that all possible efficiencies are realized before additional staff are hired and vehicles purchased.
One of the key lessons that has come out of this analysis is the need to reduce work stoppage for solid waste drivers. This means reducing call-backs for missed service and limiting bulky item pickup to materials that fit in a can or can be removed with a lift arm on a truck.

Service Call Types

Return trips and extra item removal are shown in the graph in orange.
Customer service staff also take a number of other special requests for solid waste service:
1) dumpster activity
2) can size changes
3) general staff inquiries
These are shown on the graph in blue.
Many of these other service types are part of doing business, but by reducing the return trips and extra bulky items, the City can improve driver efficiency.

Customer Education

An important part of having an efficient solid waste service is having an educated customer base. When customers follow service guidelines, it ensures the most effective service possible, which also ensures the lowest rates possible. 
As part of the ongoing Solid Waste study, the City has developed an education program to help customers become partners with the City in running a cost-saving solid waste program.