The development of land in accordance with the goals and policies included in [long-range planning] will ensure the achievement of an appropriate balance of public facilities, housing, employment, services, and recreational uses throughout the City.

-Camas 2035: A Comprehensive Plan to guide future growth and development for the City of Camas

As the City struggled through the economic recession in 2008, one strategy for cost savings was to not replace staff lost to attrition. With staffing levels still not recovered from these leaner years, and growth approaching pre-recession levels, long-range planning has been given less priority as the planners devote the majority of their time to keeping up with current development.
The danger of long-range planning receiving only the bare minimum of attention is that not only are many long range plans mandatory by legislation, but they are also crucial to ensuring the City grows with a cohesive plan that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Long Range Planning

The visions and plans for the future of the City are found within the city's comprehensive plan documents which include:
The Community Development Department is involved with maintaining these documents and is responsible for updating them as required by state statutes.
The state Growth Management Act (GMA) establishes many of the requirements for the city’s comprehensive planning documents. Amendments to these documents are prepared in accordance with direction provided by the City Council. Staff that work in long range planning provide support to the City Council and Planning Commission in their roles of reviewing, recommending, and adopting the amendments. These long range planners must also coordinate with other agencies on regional planning issues, monitor legislative activity and undertake special projects as directed by the City Council. 

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