Work Crew is an alternative sentencing program designed to reduce jail overcrowding by providing minimum risk offenders a work option to meet court obligations to include: fines, program fees, community service, and jail sentences. In addition to screening, staff monitor the type of work assigned and ensure that offenders complete their assigned tasks.
The City experiences a great deal of cost savings when offenders serve their sentence on work crew, as opposed to serving time in jail. The municipal court is dedicated to continuing to keep jail incarceration days and thus jail costs down through offender screening and recommendation to work crew where appropriate.

Work Crew Participants

While it is difficult to quantify the number of jail bed days avoided by participants being recommended for work crew instead, the City is avoiding at least one day of jail time for each offender serving on work crew.
As the cost of housing inmates in Clark County grows, it makes it an even greater benefit to keep offenders from being incarcerated. This also helps overcrowding conditions in the jails.

Court Sentencing

While only district court judges can determine sentencing, the City strongly supports time on work crew being sentenced in lieu of jail time, where appropriate.
When work crew is assigned, the City is committed to ensuring that participants find the experience easy for meeting their obligation. The City has recently helped to make work crew more convenient for offenders by implementing additional payment methods for payment of associated fees.