District Court is the court of limited jurisdiction. It serves as the trial court for misdemeanors and infractions as well as small claims and civil law suits involving amounts up to $100,000. Under an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Washougal, Camas performs the municipal court function for both cities. The City of Camas also contracts with Clark County District Court for certain judicial services, such as the service of the judge and the staff at the court. The City provides the Lead Court Clerk.

Court Services

The court office is regularly staffed by one full-time administrative City employee.  The court is only open to the public for walk-ins on Tuesday and Thursday, with Thursdays also reserved for court hearings. Phone assistance is available Monday through Friday.
Currently, the City is focused on improving the facility with a number of technology and safety improvements, but additional staff may be needed in the future if caseloads increase or additional days of walk-in service are necessary to improve infraction response times.

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