The Camas-Washougal's Fire Marshal's Office (FMO) was consolidated between the cities of Camas and Washougal as part of their joint fire department merger. The FMO is charged with the responsibility of fire code enforcement and fire investigation in the cities of Camas and Washougal, and handle the following responsibilities:
* Fire and Life Safety Inspections
* Inspection of Fire Systems in New Construction
* Hazardous Vegetation Monitoring
* Fireworks Regulation Compliance
* Residential Sprinkler Systems Testing
* Outdoor Burning Bans

Residential Permits

In 2016, Camas enacted an ordinance that requires all new single and two family homes and town homes to have residential fire sprinkler systems. Camas is one of only seven municipalities in the state of Washington to have such a sprinkler ordinance. The approval of this ordinance ensures that Camas has greatly increased the safety of both residents and firefighters. The City of Washougal is currently exploring the possibility of following suit.

Inspection Locations

As a consolidated department between the cities of Camas and Washougal, the Fire Marshal's Office conducts inspections in both cities. With a large amount of growth being experienced in Camas and with residential fire sprinklers mandated in Camas and possibly to be added in Washougal, this introduces a greater volume of inspections that are to be performed by the FMO staff.
In addition, covering both cities puts greater pressure on the existing staff to travel greater distance more frequently. The distance between Northeast Washougal and Northwest Camas (the locations of greatest growth) is in excess of 20 minutes and 10 miles.