The Fire Marshal's Office conducts annual and bi-annual fire and life safety inspections at local businesses with no charge to the occupants. In most cases of violation, building owners are allowed thirty days to make corrections which are reviewed upon re-inspection. When serious fire code violations are discovered we require that those be corrected on the spot. Rather than assessing penalties and fines for violations, our philosophy is to focus on fire prevention through the education of our local building owners/businesses.
Due to high volumes and limited staff, the FMO is struggling to complete these fire & life safety inspections. While 30% completion rates were the average for several years, this figure dropped to only 7% in 2017 as high levels of construction and development had a large impact on the department. To restore this critical function, the department will work to return to 100% yearly completion of these inspections.

Fire Damage (USD)

Fire loss data is valuable for demonstrating trends, but can be misleading without context. A single large fire can have devastating impacts, which skew the data in a given year. 
In the summer of 2017, the CWFD responded to a fire call at Advanced Drainage Systems in Washougal. Despite being brought under control within an hour, this large commercial fire caused tremendous financial loss as seen at right as the highest peak on the graph.

Fire Permit Types

Fire Permits Issued by Year