Librarians recognize that each child and each family is unique and thus make their digital media recommendations based on specific needs and circumstances. They model positive media behaviors, share relevant research, find the best materials, and give parents and caregivers resources to evaluate all forms of media for themselves. This behavior is nothing new for librarians, who have always recommended books and offered storytimes. Librarians have just expanded their focus and practice to consider new digital media formats in response to a rapidly evolving technological world.

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E-Books: Problems, Challenges, and Opportunities

E-books seem to present challenges that go against the core mission of libraries. The move from print to digital, along with the shifting business model from content ownership to content licensing, are some of the largest challenges facing libraries today. Electronic books are not always owned when purchased by libraries. Instead, materials are only leased for a certain period of time, and in some cases are not available to libraries at all. The current environment allows publishers and aggregators to control our content, in ways they can’t with our print collections.