Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

.5 FTE - Part Time Records Clerk II
The police department recommends hiring a part-time employee (Police Records Clerk II) to assist in processing requests for public records
The Police Department is charged with processing a variety of police records associated with the law enforcement function. To do so, the Department has been staffed with three Police Records Clerk positions – it has been so for over the past 20 years.
As the City has grown, so has the complexity of the duties associated with processing police records. The most change has occurred in the area of processing requests for public records, which has grown dramatically over the years. The public records laws contain expectations of quick responses and provide for penalties where wait times become “unreasonable.”  
Taking into consideration the workload of the current staff, it is necessary to add a new part-time position to help redistribute the work, meet deadlines and provide some relief to current staff.     
Current situation
The Police Department is funded for 3 Police Records Clerk positions.  
Proposed solution
Add a new, part-time (.5FTE) position of Police Records Clerk II, with the primary function of processing public records requests. 
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions