Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Public Works - Streets
Hire two (2) new FTEs for the Streets Division to backfill the positions that transitioned to the dedicated Stormwater Crew.  Remove two (2) seasonal staff members in 2019/2020 to reduce the overall impact to the budget.
The Streets maintenance workers are currently combined with the Stormwater maintenance workers under one Lead Worker on a Streets/Stormwater Division.  With a combined Division, history has shown that the crew’s primary focus has been on Streets, often leaving little to no time for operation and maintenance of the City’s stormwater system. 
Current situation
The City has an NPDES Permit issued through the Department of Ecology that mandates certain maintenance activities for the Stormwater system that the City is currently struggling to complete. 
Proposed solution
To meet the requirements of the City’s NPDES Permit, create a separate Stormwater Division.  Transfer the two FTEs from the combined Street/Stormwater Divisions that are currently funded through the Stormwater Fund from the Streets Division to the newly created Stormwater Division.   
To adequately maintain the Streets system, hire two (2) new FTEs to work in the Streets Division.  To offset the cost of the new FTEs, Staff proposes removing two (2) seasonal staff members from the budget in 2019 and 2020.  
One new vehicle (total) is assumed to be purchased with the hiring of these FTEs.  However, with the purchase of a new vehicle, one reserve vehicle will be surplussed such that the total number of fleet vehicles is net neutral.
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions