Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Relocate Finance Office
Tenant improvements and furniture
City Hall is currently at capacity with growing staff and there is an ongoing concern regarding security of the Finance office. The office was not designed for security. The cashier area is not restricted and security features are minimal. Due to the small space, staff from other departments need to access other staff members by walking through the cashier area as well as where payroll is prepared. Staff has worked to mitigate risk as much as possible such as locking sensitive documents in the vault at night but concern still exists.
Current situation
The City recently learned a local bank space would be available for rent. It is in an ideal location and would provide improved service delivery such as a drive-up window as well as potentially built in security features.
Proposed solution
Staff is considering leasing the bank site and is requesting budget for tenant improvements, furniture and lease payments.
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions