Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Public Works - Parks Maintenance
Playground and Park Furniture Replacement
Enhancement and replacement of playgrounds and park furniture located in City parks.
During the last biennial budget process, Public Works submitted a request to City Council for $75,000 annually for playground and other park furniture upgrades and replacement. During adoption of the 2017/2018 Budget, the amount was reduced to $25,000 per year.
Current situation
With many of the City’s parks still containing original equipment, there is an immediate need to replace older equipment and furniture that no longer meet current safety regulations. In addition to play equipment areas that are addressed with this budget request, also included is fall protection enhancement, bleachers, park benches, picnic tables and replacement or addition of other furniture.
Currently, staff labor is used to prepare sites for replacement and installation of new equipment and furniture.  This method provides for the maximization of the current $25,000 budget; however, this takes staff time away from other identified service needs.
Proposed solution
Increased the budgeted amount to $75,000 annually to allow Parks Maintenance to meet compliance needs, eliminate hazardous conditions, and mitigate known liabilities.
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions