Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM)
The Police Department recommends the purchase of UTM tools (rifles and handguns), safety gear and funding for the associated instructor training to support our use of force training program.
Currently our Department is updating our Use of Force policy and use of force training practices. Much of this effort is supported by WCIA, understanding that use of force claims and lawsuits represent one of the largest liability areas for the City.
In 2018, we sent all of our instructors to updated training where it was recommended that we start practicing scenario based decision making. To ensure that police officers are able to react to the complex situations they find themselves in, departments need to expose them to more realist scenario based training that resembles what officers will encounter on calls.
The UTM tools allow officers to deploy firearms in a controlled training environment that more closely resembles a real police shooting situation. It provides a safe, learning based platform where officers can learn to deploy their use of force tools in a variety of decision bases scenarios.  
The UTM produces introduce a more realistic training stress that is necessary to build training based skills that can be recalled in real life stress situations on the street.
Current situation
We currently only train at a shooting range using live ammo with our firearms platforms, which does not include scenario based training for obvious safety reasons. When training in other situation, officers use a blue plastic gun that they can point and say, “Bang – I just fired.” This type of training does not induce training stress and as such, is not retained as a practice/memory skill.  
Proposed solution
Purchase UTM equipment and provide for two police department employees to attend a train-the-trainer course.
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions
  • 12 AR 15 Conversion Kits, marking rounds and magazines = $5,800
  • 12 Glocks and marking rounds = $7,000
  • 12 sets of safety gear (helmets, groin protection, neck wrap etc.) = $3,000
  • Training and travel expenses = $3,000