Finance Budget

I. Budget Overview
2017/2018 Actual: $2,299,869
2019/2020 Budget: $2,846,101

Change in Budget: 23.8%

2017 FTEs - 9
2018 FTEs - 9
2019 FTEs - 9
2020 FTEs - 10
II. Purpose
To ensure the City’s financial stability and maximize the use of its financial resources, while maintaining the highest level of public trust.
III. Key Accomplishments in 2017-2018
The Finance Department was successful in achieving the following goals:
  • Migrated the City’s Budget Document to online dynamic document in Socrata’s Open Finance 
  • Implemented Socrata Open Performance and Open Payroll
  • Completed Land Inventory for Capital Assets and started Right of Way and Easements
  • Issued $10.5 million General Obligation Bond
  • Completed Payment Program (Paymentus) implementation
  • Implemented CAFR Online for the 2017 CAFR report
  • Implemented a new Cemetery records management software
IV. Level of Service and Budget Impact
Budgeted resources are adequate to maintain the current level of service. Staff continues to develop better ways of providing services with technology and best practices.
V. Goals and New Initiatives
Finance has among its goals for the 2019-2020 Biennium the following key goals with current resources:
  • Prepare a Budget worthy of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) recognition, the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
  • Prepare a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) worthy of GFOA Recognition and receive clean audit opinions from the State Auditor’s Office
  • Complete an update of all financial policies of the City
  • Develop a long-term financial model
  • Migrate all Treasury Reporting into Open Finance
  • Move utility billing to a monthly billing cycle
  • Implement a successful low-income program for utility bills
VI. Trends and Future Issues
The top issues facing Finance Department include:
  • Enhancing the internet and social media to better serve the public
  • Continue to move toward full transparent financial reporting
  • Begin the effort to migrate to a new financial system platform
  • Providing grant management as well as actively pursuing grant funds
  • Continue to move toward 100% electronic payments
  • Cross training and developing staff
  • Look for ways to enable more utility billing self service
VII. Performance Measures
VIII. Organizational Chart

IX. Department Operating Budget