Legacy Lands 

I. Budget Overview
2017/2018 Actual: $7,556
2019/2020 Budget: $10,302,882
Change in Budget: 100%
II. Purpose
To be used for the acquisition of open space lands north of Lacamas Lake with the intent to preserve the forest and pastures in perpetuity.
III. Key Accomplishments in 2017-2018
Staff was successful in achieving the following goals:
  • Securing financing and grant funding to acquire the land
  • Negotiating the purchase and sales agreements of two of the parcels
IV. Level of Service and Budget Impact
Budgeted resources are adequate to maintain the current level of service.
V. Goals and New Initiatives
The Legacy Lands Fund has among its goals for the 2019-2020 Biennium the following key goals with current resources:
  • Complete the purchase of the remaining parcels
  • Assess for ongoing maintenance of the lands and facilities
  • Engage a consultant to develop a long-range plan to manage the assets
  • Link the network of trails to complete the trail loop around Lacamas Lake
  • Apply for additional state grant funding
VI. Trends and Future Issues
The top issues facing the Legacy Lands Fund include:
  • Securing revenues to support maintenance and operations of the assets
  • Determining how best to manage the acres of open space the City has acquired to keep the forests and eco-systems healthy in an increasing urban environment
VII. Department Revenue Budget
VIII. Department Operating Budget