Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Public Works - Engineering
Engineer III FTE
New Engineer III to support Capital Project work load and reduce reliance on management staff to complete projects.
Currently there is one Capital Project Manager and one Development Project Manager.  In the past there was an Engineer III to support the Capital Project work load. Due to retirements and the need to complete Stormwater NPDES Permit compliance work, the Division currently does not have an Engineer III position to support capital projects.
Current situation
Engineering does not currently have adequate staffing to keep up with either the Development or Capital Project work load.  Projects are currently being managed by the Department Director and Managers to meet work load demands, taking away time for Director and Managers to run Department. 
Proposed solution
Hire a new FTE to support the Capital Project work load freeing up the Director and Managers. 
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions