Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Restore Code Enforcement to full-time.
The police department recommends that the Code Enforcement position be restored to a full-time position. It currently is funded at a .5 FTE, blended with the Parking Enforcement Officer position.    
The Code Enforcement Officer position was a full-time position within the police department until 2009. During the recession, the city cut the position to part-time as part of a package of cost saving measures. The position was merged with the Parking Enforcement Officer position, which was then part-time, to form a new full-time position with mixed duties – both parking and code enforcement.    
Because of the reduction in service, the city decided to only pursue code complaints made by citizens and not do any proactive nuisance code enforcement.    
This mixed job of code enforcement and parking enforcement, while perhaps saving money, does not meet community expectations for service in the enforcement of the city’s civil codes. Community demand for services in this area have been exceeding our capacity to meet those expectations.  
Current situation
Code enforcement duties are blended into a single position that also include parking enforcement duties. Code enforcement is funded to approximately a half-time position.
Proposed solution
Restore the Code Enforcement Officer position to the pre-2009 level (full-time employee).
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions