Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Public Works - Streets
Neighborhood Traffic Management Program
Provide funding to reestablish the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.
The City used to have a formalized Neighborhood Traffic Management program that was funded through the streets budget. Money in the budget was used to help fund infrastructure solutions to comments and complaints from citizens and Homeowners Associations (HOAs) regarding speeding and other traffic related complaints. Funding for the program was cut during the great recession. 
Current situation
The City does not currently have a Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Staff routinely receive calls and complaints from citizens and neighborhoods regarding speeding and other traffic related issues. Staff will spend a significant amount of time discussing potential solutions; however, oftentime the solutions require funding that neither the City or the citizen/HOA has available.
Proposed solution
If a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) is formed, use some of the funds to reestablish seed money for neighborhood traffic management solutions.
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions