Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Public Works - Water
Camas-Washougal Water System Planning
Complete a joint water system planning effort with Washougal to look at advantages of system inter-ties and work towards development of the Steigerwald Well Field.
Camas and Washougal have jointly been planning and preparing for ultimate development of the Steigerwald Well Field for future water supply for both communities. 
Current situation
The current inter-ties between the two cities only allow for supply of water from Camas to Washougal.  Both agencies agree it would be beneficial to look at ways to also supply water from Washougal to Camas for both current emergency needs and to move water from the future Steigerwald Well Field through Washougal to Camas. 
Proposed solution
Hire a consultant to help analyze future system needs, complete hydraulic modeling and propose potential solutions.  This effort would be jointly funded by Camas and Washougal. 
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions