Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Public Works - Wastewater Treatment Plant
Fiber Connection from the Operations Center to the WWTP
It is the recommendation of the Information Technology Department to complete the Fiber connection between the Operations Center and the Waste Water Treatment Plant in 2019. The conduit for this installation is already in the ground and ready for the Fiber pull. The conduit was installed during the City’s Water Line project in 2016 in anticipation of future connectivity.   
This is a one time budget request.
The Waste Water Treatment Plant is in very close proximity to the Operations Center, divided by Highway 14. During a major water line replacement project, the City installed conduit underneath Highway 14 along side the water line with the expectation that Fiber would be installed to connect the two facilities when funding became available.
Current situation
The Waste Water Treatment Plant is currently connected to the City’s network via a Comcast business line which would then be disconnected. They also have a separate phone system and very limited networking and internet resources. The City hosts a wireless network and high speed internet which would also serve this facility.
Proposed solution
It is the recommendation of the Information Technology Department that the City invest in the Fiber line and finish needed upgrades to the facility to secure its data and systems, provide phone and voicemail services (as part of the City’s Phone/Voicemail replacement project), internet, and improved network resources for data storage and backup. This would also provide better technology service and support solutions by bringing their computers and systems online with the City’s main network. 
This is a one time budget request, paid for out of the Sewer enterprise fund, with a very quick return on investment.
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions