Budget Request 2019-2020
Detailed Decision Package

Camas-Washougal Fire Marshal's Office
Increased Staffing
The Fire Marshal's Office is requesting to add 1 new Deputy Fire Marshal.
Like most city departments, the FD has struggled with the increased requests for service that have resulted from the growth in the size of our community.  The department has already been downgraded in its fire “rating,” as determined by WSRB and was recently fined by the Washington Department of L&I over an incident that occurred in February.  Instances like these are, overall, caused by staffing challenges. 
Current situation
The department’s fire marshal’s office has struggled to keep up with inspections for new and existing occupancies for several years.  This was the primary cause of our fire rating downgrade.
Proposed solution
We are requesting the addition of 1 FTE to the Fire Marshal's Office.  The FTE would be added as a fire inspector in the Fire Marshal’s Office.
Expenditure Calculations and Assumptions
Entry level FTEs at the fire department are estimated at $100,000, salary and benefits included. Total costs might be slightly less as fire inspectors typically do not have the starting salary a front line firefighter would.
The costs for the Deputy Fire Marshal include salaries, benefits, equipment and a vehicle in the first year and just salaries and benefits in the subsequent years. The City of Camas would pay approximately 60% with Washougal paying approximately 40%. The intent is the costs would be mitigated with higher inspection fee receipts with the additional work completed. An analysis is in process to determine the net cost to bill to Washougal.